Stephanie Hurd

By: Stephanie Hurd on July 24th, 2020

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Is This a Good Time to Meet With a Managed Service Provider?

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If your business has more than 20 employees and is in Frederick or Hagerstown, Maryland, Kris Miner has likely knocked on your door (or gave you a call, sent you an email, or all of the above…). Kris leaves no stone unturned in his search for new Innovative customers. You may have brushed him off the last time he asked how you’re handing technology systems or if you’re happy with the support from your current IT company. Because let’s face it, we all think of the Wolf of Wall Street (and not in that Leonardo DiCaprio is dreamy kind of way) when we think about sales guys. 




Why Would You Take kris's Call?

You’re happy enough with the way things are, nothing awful has happened, and your computers seem to be working just fine. Why should you give this guy an hour of your time to try and sell you support that you don’t need?

When it comes to technology, most business leaders don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t know what better looks like until they make a change that can feel like a leap of faith. They don’t know how much more productive their team could be or how better data processing could inform better decisions until they see the results of a change they most likely resisted.

That’s where Innovative can shine. We want to know about your business so that we can give you the most appropriate technology tools to achieve your goals.

Do you have a mobile sales force? Cloud communications solutions can streamline collaboration and sales support activities.

Is your business cyclical and accurate cash flow projections make the difference between paying your bills during the slow season and accruing late fees or worse? Accounting software, shared reports, and machines fast enough to quickly crunch numbers for multiple scenarios might be the better place to invest your resources.

These are the decisions that Innovative helps managed IT services clients make.

Managed IT Services

If your business meets any of the following criteria, you will likely benefit from this strategic approach to business technology:

  • You’re growing or want to grow.
  • You are open to using new technologies.
  • You invest in tools and training for your people.
  • You depend on knowledge workers to deliver your product or service.
  • You use data in your decision-making processes.

I sat down with Kris to talk about his conversations with prospective new clients. I picked his brain about the types of businesses that have seen the most benefits from partnering with us. If you’re not going to benefit from what we bring to the table, we’re totally OK with going our separate ways. An initial meeting takes about 45 minutes and is where the rubber meets the road in determining if there are opportunities to improve your current approach to IT.

Check out this video to hear directly from Kris about the questions he asks in that first meeting, and how he finds out if a business could benefit from working with us. If you like what you hear, shoot him an email or go ahead and schedule a meeting.

What to Expect First Meeting

What Do I Do Now?

Hopefully, I've convinced you not to ignore Kris the next time he reaches out. In fact, the easiest way to get rid of him is to have a conversation. If there's no opportunity for Innovative to improve your business, we'll go our separate ways, no hard feelings. 

If you're still with me, I'd love for you to go ahead and schedule a meeting with Kris right now. If you're not ready to make that leap yet, here some more great next steps:

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