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By: Ryan Stickel on September 26th, 2022

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Innovative is Expanding: Managed Services for Washington D.C.

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Exciting news! We’re expanding our service area to Washington D.C. and the surrounding metro area!


To make sure we support businesses in D.C. the best we can, we’ve joined a flexible office space downtown. This new office space is going to allow us to serve our metro area clients in a more timely and efficient manner.

Prior to this move, we were serving all our clients from our Hagerstown headquarters. Now that we have a space to work out of in D.C., we can continue to add clients in that area while serving them just as efficiently as if they were in Washington County.

We’ve been working toward this for a few years now. It’s very exciting to expand our footprint and continue to bring great service to our clients.

We added our first metro area client in 2019 and have been growing in that area ever since. We’re currently serving clients in downtown D.C., Montgomery County, Md. and Reston, Virginia.

Our metro area clients include nonprofits, accounting firms and property management companies.

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More About Carr Workplaces

The new location is at the Carr Workplaces K Street suite in northwest D.C.

Carr Workplaces is a flexible coworking and short-term office space company. Their suite offers us access to meeting rooms and as-needed workspaces. Our technology consultants, engineers and technicians will use the K Street space to meet with clients and prepare for project implementation in the metro area.

Carr also offers a rooftop meeting area to host events, a breakroom area, copy and printing service and more.

This new workspace is going to be a key component in allowing our company to grow. Happy Innovating!

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