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By: Ryan Stickel on June 16th, 2023

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Meet the Operations Team: Service Coordinators and Level 3 Technicians

Life at Innovative

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you may have read one of our most recent articles on how the Innovative team is structured (if you haven’t had the chance to read it, you’ll want to go check it out). In that article, we mentioned how there are plenty of new faces at Innovative that have joined the team members you’re already familiar with.

Today we’re going to meet part of the team, specifically our Level 3 technicians and service coordinators. These two groups are part of our operations department and play a key role in making sure end users’ problems are solved in a timely manner.

Level 3 Technicians

Our Level 3 (L3) techs are led by Charlie Cousins. This team handles tickets that take a little longer to resolve in order to provide our end users with fast and agile service. They have some of our highest levels of expertise in the company.

Adam Warner

adam warnerAdam is a familiar face here at Innovative, having joined the team back in 2011 as a systems technician.

One of his favorite aspects of his job is working with our clients and assisting them to make their jobs easier.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys spending time with family, brewing beer, 3D printing, woodworking, playing video games and long walks on the beach Talk about a versatile skillset!

Aaron Sipes

aaron sipesAaron started working at Innovative in 2018 as a systems technician with the goal of developing client-facing skills to assist with service coordination.

“I think I take the most satisfaction in being able to identify, refine and document any given client-facing or internal processes that need it,” Aaron said.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending quality time with his friends, family and his fiancé, whether it’s playing video games, watching movies or going on vacation.

Maliek Fuller-Williamson

maliek fuller-williamsonIn December 2019, Maliek joined the team as a systems technician with most of his time spent answering phones at the help desk. Maliek enjoys being around the Innovative team and knocking out those more difficult tickets that come his way as an L3.

On the weekends, you can find Maliek and his partner hiking and exploring various trails, as well as hanging out with his cats. In fact, he is currently fostering a litter of kittens that will be going to their forever homes very soon!

Service Coordinators

This team, led by Mike McAndrew, makes sure tickets end up in the right hands. They also handle scheduling for on-site tech visits, ensuring that the team is being efficient with their time and travel. There are a lot of moving parts to delivering nearly perfect service for 100+ different organizations, and the service coordinators keep all the trains running on time so to speak.

Connor McCoy

connor mccoyConnor started his Innovative journey in 2019 as a systems technician and perfect database administrator. He was tasked with asset tagging and documenting all supported devices for our flat rate clients.

“I’d say my favorite part of Innovative is the people,” Connor said. “Everyone here does their part and more with a genuine smile.”

He spends his time outside of work refurbishing things like furniture and modern tech in order to reduce waste. Connor recently spun up a high-performance game server from salvaged parts that he hosts from his house, complete with cybersecurity measures, backup power and more.

William Hartman

william hartmanWill joined the team in 2019 as an intern and then quickly joined the field service team.

“I enjoy helping others,” Will said. “Assisting with IT issues feels great.”

One of his favorite hobbies is 3D modeling and 3D printing. He has also set up multiple Dungeons and Dragons campaigns for our team here at Innovative!


Shoutout to our amazing team!

These teams play an integral role in making sure our end users’ problems are solved as fast as possible. Their coordination and advanced knowledge are key pieces of the operations puzzle and help keep the wheels spinning here at Innovative.

While everyone named in this article has been with us for at least three and a half years, it’s never too late to get to know your IT people better. Next time you interact with one of these Innovators, let them know you saw them on our blog!

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