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By: Ryan Stickel on January 23rd, 2023

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Why Your Microsoft Teams Audio Licenses Aren’t Enabled by Default

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Microsoft Teams audio licenses can now be applied for free to existing Teams accounts for no additional cost. The audio license used to be a separate feature available for purchase.

A Teams audio license allows users to call into Teams meetings via landline or cell phone through a direct phone number, essentially turning the meeting into a conference call.

The image below is what a standard Teams meeting invite looks like. Under that is what a Teams meeting invite looks like with the audio license enabled.

Teams phone licesne 1Teams phone license 2


Notice the “or call in (audio only)” option that’s included when the meeting organizer has the audio license enabled.

These audio licenses, while free, are not enabled by default. Your Microsoft 365 administrator must apply a free audio license to each user who needs one. Enabling this feature has some pros and cons.

Why You Might Want to Enable Teams Audio Licenses

We understand that there are still companies that might have the need for audio licenses. They might have employees who regularly need to use Teams but are working in areas with slower Wi-Fi or cellular data speeds.

Companies may also want the licenses to provide convenience to certain clients who would have an easier time dialing in by phone than logging into Teams. While we understand these circumstances, they are becoming rarer these days.

There are still instances where audio-only conferencing is needed, but you’ll typically have a higher-quality audio experience in those situations by using your traditional phone system.

If you use Teams as your phone system- which most of our clients don’t, then by all means, go ahead and get the most out of audio conferencing in Teams.

Why You Might NOT  Want to Enable Teams Audio Licenses

A platform like Teams offers so many great features that you’re paying for. When calling into a Teams meeting via the phone number, you’re only experiencing that meeting as a phone call. You won’t be able to use the text chat, share your screen, share video or see anyone else’s video.

If you’re on the go and want to join a Teams meeting on your phone, we recommend using the Microsoft Teams app that provides the functionality you’re used to on a desktop.

Innovative Will Apply Audio Licenses to User Accounts When Requested

We will enable the audio licenses for whoever needs them, but we generally recommend that clients leverage the full functionality of Teams whenever possible.

Teams is at its best when the full video and screen sharing functionalities are being used. Unless you have a specific use case for enabling the audio licenses, suggest against your meeting participants joining via phone number and limiting the Teams meeting functionality.

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