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By: Ryan Stickel on February 22nd, 2024

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Should my business work with an MSP?

Outsourced IT Support

Technology is crucial in today’s business world. Sometimes, it takes a couple of issues to really highlight that. Perhaps your business has been feeling this lately. Whether it’s headaches caused by slow devices or just a gut feeling that your business technology isn’t where it needs to be, you know it’s time for something to change.

This is where a Managed Service Provider (MSP) comes in. If you landed on this article, it’s probably because you’re wondering if an MSP is right for you and your business. Today, we’ll explore some technology issues you might have and how an MSP can help alleviate them.

Before starting, we do have to note that Innovative is an MSP in Maryland and the Washington, D.C., area. While that gives us some bias on this subject, we know that MSPs are not for everyone. Be sure to apply this article's information to your business and sensibilities. Now, let’s talk through some issues you might be feeling.

“My technology isn’t as efficient as it could be.”

So, you’ve got an IT infrastructure in place, but it isn’t necessarily making life easier for your business. In fact, it might cause more problems than it solves. This is an automatic red flag, and acknowledging it is the first step toward fixing it.

You want your technology to be efficient so your business can be more efficient. This can only be done by leveraging the right devices and tools. Knowing which tools, though, can be its own battle. On top of that, it’s important to ask:

  • Who is managing those tools?
  • Are they properly configured for your business?
  • If problems occur, is there someone available who can help resolve them at a moment’s notice?

We’re asking a lot of questions here, but they are all crucial when evaluating your business’s technological environment, especially if you’re a business that’s trying to leverage technology to its full potential. Without taking proper measures, your business could face downtime or slowed productivity.

Here’s a question you’re probably now asking: “How can an MSP help?”

For starters, an MSP can come in, learn about your business and recommend solutions and devices to improve the environment. Now, not every MSP will be able to manage everything. Each one will have their areas of expertise, which is why the vetting process is so important. For example, if you have a line of business application with no alternatives, you’ll want to find an MSP with the staff and resources to manage it.

You’ll also want to remember that the solutions they implement are not the be-all and end-all. The people who manage the solutions are just as, if not more important than the solutions themselves. What good is a tool if you hire someone who can’t maximize its potential or configure it based on your needs?

That being said, you don’t want to work with an MSP that uses outdated technology, even if they provide friendly and efficient service. It’s all about finding balance, which goes back to that vetting process we mentioned earlier.

“My business lacks a long-term technology roadmap and predictable budget.”

The efficiency conversation comes down to using the right devices and solutions and staying ahead of the curve to ensure they stay up and running. Through long-term planning and budgeting, an MSP can help ensure that you have up-to-date technology within your budget.

It’s a scary feeling to not have a long-term plan for something so crucial to your business operations. To no fault of your own, technology is confusing and can be hard to plan for without some industry expertise in the room. An MSP can and should be part of this planning process with your business’ leadership.

By working with the experts, they can help you prepare for what’s ahead and what to budget for. Whether it’s a device refresh or a new solution coming to market, you should never be blindsided by IT costs that are possible to plan for.

Whether you’re working with the CIO, a vCIO or an account manager, the MSP's technology expertise and knowledge of your business will get you on track and within budget. Goodbye, aimless and unsure spending!

“I have an IT person, but they’re in over their head.”

There are many different components to your IT infrastructure. It’s unlikely that just one person will have the necessary expertise for all of them. Suppose you hire more internal IT people to cover all your bases for those different tasks. In that case, you’ve built a team that might not have the individual workload necessary to justify the investment.

This can lead to a costly balancing act for your growing business, leaving your IT employees and infrastructure in a constant state of uncertainty.

Enter the MSP: A team of experts across all different types of technologies (cybersecurity, network engineering, applications, etc.) that can scale their services and solutions to the needs of your business. No more worrying about the size of your IT team or if they have the expertise to manage a device or solution.

“I’m worried I’m not meeting cybersecurity requirements.”

Keeping your business and client data safe is a must. Realizing the need for properly managed cybersecurity is an important step in the right direction and a necessary one.

We’re seeing more cybersecurity insurance requirements each year, and since a majority of our work lives online or on our devices, bad actors have more lanes than ever to access client or business data.

cybersecurity services

An MSP can be your partner in dealing with the complex world of cybersecurity. Using the latest and strongest security measures, an MSP helps ensure your business follows best practices to stay protected against the growing threat of cyber-attacks.

It’s not enough to check off some boxes on a form. These things need to be properly implemented. Through advanced cybersecurity solutions and monitoring, as well as employee training, an MSP will help you sleep better at night knowing your business is secure.

Investing in Technology for Business Growth

If this article makes you think about your business, it might be time to consider looking for the right MSP. Your business is ready to grow, and technology is a big part of that journey. An MSP doesn't just bring technical know-how, but also a partnership that aligns with your business goals.

The first step is to realize the need for efficient, scalable and secure technology. The next step is to take action. If you feel like this article was speaking directly to you and you fall within our service area, don’t hesitate to contact us. The journey begins with the right MSP by your side.

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