Stephanie Hurd

By: Stephanie Hurd on April 7th, 2020

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Best IT Companies in Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland

Outsourced IT Support

Your business will need IT help at some point. You’ll likely find yourself researching different IT support companies to find the best provider to support your devices and network.

Innovative is a managed service provider offering managed and co-managed IT support services to businesses in the tri-state area. If you’re looking at our services, we know you’re likely looking at other companies as well.

Businesses that are evaluating Innovative for IT support often ask us about our competitors. Until recently, our answer has always been, “we don’t have any direct competitors.” Or, "no other managed service provider in the area can offer you IT, phone, and copier support.”  We've even said, “we technically have competitors, but none of them do things the way we do it.”

Those answers are cop-outs. We know that every business has competitors – including us. So, it’s time to course-correct. We’re putting it all out there.  Here is a list of the top 5 IT companies in Frederick and Washington County, Maryland.

You’ll notice that we didn’t put ourselves on the list. We can’t objectively compare ourselves to these other companies. So, leaving ourselves off the list is our way of removing our own bias and offering you the most objective review of our competitors.

Top 5 IT Companies Serving Frederick and Washington Counties

The following list is in no particular order.

Advantage Technology (Charleston, WV)

Headquartered in Charleston, WV, Advantage has five locations across West Virginia, Maryland, and Kentucky. Shepherdstown, WV, and Williamsport, MD, are the two locations closest to the Frederick/Hagerstown service area. In addition to traditional managed services, they offer office phone systems, construction-ready cabling installations, and cybersecurity services.

Glessner Technologies (Hagerstown, MD)

Glessner is an IT, communications, and security company. They offer basic managed services, break/fix IT services, office phone systems, and security systems. Their security systems include alarms and cameras with 24x7 monitoring for homes and businesses. They started as a security and communications company and added IT services within the last five to ten years.

Global Data Consultants (GDC) (Chambersburg, PA)

Headquartered in Chambersburg, PA, GDC has five locations across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Wisconsin. In addition to small- to mid-sized business help desk and IT support, they offer enterprise-level IT services, application development, and temporary and direct placement recruiting and staffing.

SADOS (Frederick, MD)

SADOS is a managed service provider based in Frederick, MD. They offer four tiers of managed services ranging from basic help desk and patch management services to more comprehensive user management, data backup, and Microsoft Office 365 packages. They also provide pay-as-you-go break/fix support to non-managed services clients.

Swift Systems (Frederick, MD)

Founded in 1998, Swift is a managed service provider with a full-service help desk located in Frederick, MD. The national managed service provider, NuMSP, acquired them in 2018. They guarantee a four-hour response time during regular business hours, with optional after-hours emergency support available. In addition to managed IT, they operate a data center and offer cloud hosting services.

Evaluating the Best It Companies

There you have it. The top 5 IT companies serving Frederick and Hagerstown, MD, Innovative not included.

The best IT support company for your businesses depends on:

  • The service and areas of expertise of your provider.
  • The alignment of your IT company with your business strategy.

Here at Innovative, we’re best suited for businesses that:

  • Are growing.
  • Follow specific compliance regulations like HIPAA or PCI.
  • Rely on electronic data to operate.
  • Prioritize information and data security.
  • Require a partner that manages computers, network infrastructure, phone systems, printers, and copiers.

As you can see from the list, no two IT companies offer identical services. Use this list to evaluate alternatives to Innovative’s managed services, or to find IT companies who specialize in some of the services we don’t provide (like security systems and IT staff recruitment).

If you need an IT department that can grow your business, Innovative might be an excellent fit for you. Check out our three pricing options to learn more about how your business can succeed by partnering with Innovative.