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Joshua Thomas

As Service Coordinator at Innovative, Josh assists customers in getting the service and support they need when they need it. His experience in both IT and customer service fields allows him to troubleshoot and triage IT problems and communicate expectations and recommendations to business customers. With 22 years’ customer service experience, 9 years’ IT support experience, and 5 years’ IT management experience, Josh’s skills range from helpdesk support and customer service to networking and system administration.

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By: Joshua Thomas
February 26th, 2019

Every small business owner has lived some version of this story.  An employee who performs a critical business function experiences workstation failure.  Sometimes its ransomware, sometimes a hard drive fails.  No matter what the underlying reason, the result is the same and money is being lost every second.  Purchasing a Replacement Computer Seems Simple Small business owners aren’t the type to let something like this deter them.  They solve a thousand problems like this every day.  When the problem is, “we just need to buy a computer," many business owners are inclined to quickly acquire one from a local retailer or handy e-commerce site.  When you buy a new PC this way you feel confident in your purchase if it has the needed hard drive space and the salesperson confirms or online specs show that it meets your business needs.  You get it back to the office and submit a request to the IT department or service provider to set it up as soon as possible. Crisis averted, on to the next fire the day brings. It’s true this computer has the requisite hard drive space and power to do any job your employee requires.  It’s a brand-new computer.  It has a warranty with the manufacturer. However, there are differences between business and consumer-grade computers not apparent in the specifications.