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Justin Strahin

With an Associates Degree in Information Technology Systems Management, Justin Strahin has worked in the IT field for more than 12 years. He joined the team at Innovative in 2016 and holds multiple certifications in Allworx, Avaya, and Microsoft systems.

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Technology Strategy | Business Strategy

By: Justin Strahin
June 4th, 2020

Technology is one of the most vital forces in the business world. From your email and phone system to your payroll processing and invoicing, your business runs on many IT systems. Learning to accept new technology into your business is a must to keep your systems up to date and stay competitive. But just like anything else, we often fear the change of technology or the "unknown."  Just hearing the word "change" is enough to make anyone cringe. Learning new habits can be daunting or exhausting. Why add anything else to our already busy lives? If something is working, why change it?